Winter Rate for December 1 thru March 15th - Nearly 50% Discount 

That´s right. Discount to weekly rate on additional nights after the first night. Combine our winter rate with our winter rate golf rates and you can have a weekend packed golf package or we can extend it for a week.

If you would care to stay more than a week - the first week will be at the regular rate and each additional week (we will approach our owner) will get a 50% discount.

Guaranteed Weather - During the winter, we believe so much in our weather that we will let you and your group stay free any day after the first day that it is too cold for you to play golf (you can be the judge). We play tennis and golf year around. In the past few years, I have missed only a few nights of tennis due to cold weather.  

Therefore, I don´t worry much about this guarantee. If you combine this offer with our discounts after the first night, you should have a great golf or tennis outing. We will be glad to assist you with your golf arrangements. This Guaranteed Weather applies only to any days after the first day.



Note:  This offer Excludes Holidays and you need to plan early as we are nearly always full for holiday weekends. Not all of our condos have a discount nor will they have the Guaranteed Weather Warranty. If those are important to you, please have us confirm which condos offer this guarantee or discount.