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Our guest’s needs vary. Some are renting to enjoy a stay in the Austin/Lakeway area. Many have children that have moved to our area & want to visit them. However, they like the privacy of having their own fully furnished condo while they are here. Others are moving to the Lakeway/Austin area & need a home or condo while they are (a) looking for a residence, (b) building a home, or (c) have bought a home that needs some renovation prior to their occupying the home.

We have found that construction or purchasing a home may take longer than the guests anticipate. Due to that, we have developed a program to try to reserve the condo or home for a longer period than requested. We allow the guest to give us a 30-day notice of termination after their minimum required stay. The guests love this flexibility & the fact that they will not have to vacate a property before they are ready to occupy their new home.


Shirts with sleeves and tennis shoes are required. Black sole shoes are not allowed on the tennis courts. Tennis reservations are not required. It is on a first come first serve basis.


Players shall keep noise on the courts within reason. Court times are 8:00 am to Dark.


Boats, trailers, jet skis, etc., are not allowed inside the condo complex. Boats & trailers found within the condo complex will be towed at OWNER’S expense.


Pets are not allowed under any circumstances without prior permission. We have some owners where pets will be allowed, but we need to approve you bringing a pet. If a pet is approved, there will be a $200 pet deposit. If there is any damage, you will be held responsible. 


Usually 30 or 60 days minimum. All our condos are owned by owners that also use their condos personally. So, we need to confirm with them that the term you desire is satisfied with them.


Check-in time is 4:00 pm. Check-out time is 12:00 pm noon.


A shirt with sleeves and a collar are required at all times for men on all courses. Slacks or mid-thigh length shorts are permitted for men and women. NO denim of any kind is permitted. 


It is our understanding that golf tee times must be canceled two days prior to your scheduled time. If you need the phone numbers for the golf courses, please call us.


We require the first month’s rental plus a utility deposit. It will vary on the size of the condo or home. All deposits are made payable to the owners. The cleaning / departure fee shall be paid to Bryan Adams & Co. We do require a Credit Card for our records.