World of Tennis Condos For Sale - Lakeway

We have listed below the condos we have listed and condos listed by other REALTORS in the Lakeway area.  When you combine the condos' reasonable prices with the low-interest rates, the condos become a fabulous buy.  If you don´t preview the condos with me, call your favorite REALTOR and check them out.  I recently bought another condo myself. There is a big difference in paying the old rates we have paid for years of 7-8% compared to the 3.5-5% of buyers are paying today.

We have listed several units for sale either by our company or other companies through MLS. If you would like to review the floor plans, click on the links provided below.

The condos vary in price depending on their condition.  Some of them have had major improvements, while others have not.  

For more information on these properties or if you wish to review any of them, please call Bryan at (512) 261-4497(888) LAKEWAY, or call/text 512-423-5440 Bryan's cell phone.  Bryan's email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Resort Rental Program

Offset 50-75% of your costs as a Resort Rental when you do not use it personally.  Many of our owners live in Texas using their condos during the year but like some of the costs paid by renting it as a Resort Rental when they are not using it.

Not everyone in the midwest realizes the quality of our weather in Austin/Lakeway, but those that do have found the World of Tennis Condos to be a great winter retreat. The snowbirds have stopped short of the Valley and Florida. While Austin/Lakeway weather is not perfect, there are only a few freeze days a year.  Most of the winter is perfect for golf and tennis.

Being able to buy a condo from the $300,000 to $400,000+ range, use it in the winter months, and rent it in the spring, summer, and fall makes a great combination for midwest buyers. With our concentration on renting furnished condos from 30 to 90+ days, Prime Time has become the owner's ability not to occupy their unit.

Most condos require a two-night minimum, and some luxury condos require a three-night minimum. Additional nights are usually at a discounted rate equal to the weekly rate.

While over the past 30 years, most buyers have come from the Dallas and Houston areas, today, they are coming from all over the country.

2.6 Million Dollar Renovation - World of Tennis Condos: The Board of Directors and Homeowner's Association approved the renovation of the exterior of the World of Tennis Condominiums. While this project was two years in the planning, it was completed years ago. Recently, a new metal roof was added. The Association has completely replaced the exterior of the buildings. Stone has been added at the ends of each of the complexes instead of wood fences. Many of the front walks have been removed and replaced with new ones.  With the improvements that have been made over the last 20 years, the condos are better today than the day they were built.  The trees are definitely taller.  In our 30 years of involvement at the World of Tennis, the interiors have never been nicer.

While other owners & we have been renovating the World of Condos' interior since 1985, spending from $25,000 to over $100,000 per condo, it was time for the exteriors to have the same type of attention in the past 20+/- years.

With the condos' now quality, we would like to see 10-15 additional quality condos in Resort Rentals at Lakeway? The various floor plans are shown above. We have interior pictures of various condos at the World of Tennis shown throughout this web location.

For information on Resort Rentals, please call us at (512) 261-4497(888) LAKEWAY, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.