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$4 Million in Renovatio​ns - The World of Tennis Center

The World of Tennis Center has spent nearly $4 million dollars in renovations at Lakeway and is surrounded by vista views, wildlife, and a wide spectrum of indoor and outdoor activities including but not limited to 4 world-class golf courses, two indoor and fifteen outdoor tennis courts, Tennis Racket Shaped Swimming Pool, volleyball, jet skis, motor, and sailboat rental, great restaurant, and lake cruises. The World of Tennis Center is within easy walking distance of all the condos. 

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The Hills & World of Tennis Center

$2.5 Million in Renovations - The World of Tennis Condominiums

The renovation project approved by the World of Tennis Homeowner's Association was completed a few years ago, except for the new metal roof that was added in the past 4 years. The exterior siding has been removed and new siding added. The areas at the end of each building that had wood fences were replaced by "Hill Country" broken face limestone. Many of the front walks were removed and new walks and stairs were built. New gutters were added. In a project jointly approved with the Lakeway Mud, all the sewers in the backs of the condos have been replaced. Lakeway Mud has completed all of the five clusters.

Years ago, the Homeowner's Association allowed the owners very few options in regard to the exterior improvements of their condos. That policy was changed. We have developed guidelines allowing the owners (with Board approval) to add or expand patios, add new doors or windows, add porches or balconies, any improvements that expose more limestone, or consider any improvement that the Board believes will improve the condos and not be detrimental to any of the adjacent owners.

For nearly 30 years, we have personally managed or worked with owners in the renovation of over 50 condos. The owners have spent from $20,000 - $90,000 on updating the condos. With the exterior improvements that are now in place, there are many condo owners that have spent in excess of $100,000 in renovations on their condos.

Condo Ownership

Until the last 5-10 years, most of the World of Tennis Condo Owners were second homeowners with many of them placing their condos in our Resort Program when they were not using them. However today, the ownership is approximately 50% owner-occupied.

If you would like to see some of the modifications and renovations of condos that our owners have completed, we would be glad to show you or your agent those options.